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Students earn concert band leadership positions in 2 states

Congratulations to all Goodman Flute Studios students who successfully auditioned for their schools' concert bands in the past two weeks! Four students at three different schools in two states earned leadership chairs in their bands!

Sanai Arthur, sophomore

: first chair, Pickerington Central High School Wind Ensemble

: Pickerington, Ohio

Cate Evans, sophomore

: first chair, Parkersburg South High School Wind Ensemble

: Parkersburg, West Virginia

Alyssa Gray, junior

: piccolo, Pickerington North High School Symphonic Band

: Pickerington, Ohio

Bethany Simpson, junior

: first chair, Pickerington North High School Concert Band II

: Pickerington, Ohio

Ms. Goodman is always happy to help with audition material for school ensemble programs. Be sure to let her know when you have an audition coming up!


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