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High School Solo and Ensemble

Please support Goodman Flute Studios' hard-working high school students in their performances for the Ohio Music Education Association adjudicated events on Saturday, February 16th at Pickerington High School North!

8:00 AM: Kelsey Sayre, flute, room 119 8:10 AM: Katie Ritzenthaler, flute, room 211 8:20 AM: Griffith, flute, room 213 8:30 AM: Harness, piccolo, room 211 8:50 AM: Schoenbeck, flute, room 211 9:00 AM: Sayre, piccolo, room 211 9:10 AM: Ritzenthaler, piccolo, room 211 9:20 AM, Harness, flute, room 213 9:50 AM: Schoenbeck, piccolo, room 211 10:00 AM: Griffith, piccolo, room 211

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