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High School Studio Recital 2018

Goodman Flute Studios presents our annual High School Recital on Thursday, January 25th, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the PHSN Performing Arts Center. Please join us for this free evening to hear dedicated and talented students performing flute and piccolo solos!

Godard “Allegretto” from Suite des trois morceaux Allison Schoenbeck, flute J.S. Bach “Allegro moderato” and “Siciliano” from Sonata in E-flat Major Elaine Harness, flute W. A. Mozart Andante in C Major Katie Ritzenthaler, flute

Gossec Gavotte

Danny Sheppard, flute

LeClair Gigue Allison Schoenbeck, piccolo Koepke Meadowlark Katie Ritzenthaler, piccolo G. Ph. Telemann “Vivace” from Sonata in F Major Elaine Harness, piccolo Kathy Vansant, piano Intermission Ensecu Cantabile et Presto Lauren Griffith, flute Mouquet “Pan and the Shepherds” from La Flute de Pan Hannah Posas, flute Chaminade Concertino Kelsey Sayre, flute Hurrell Dance of Elizabeth Hannah Posas, piccolo Marais Les Folies d’Espagne: I, IV, V, XXV Lauren Griffith, piccolo Popp Nightingale Serenade Kelsey Sayre, piccolo Linda Kernohan, piano Walters Scenes from the West 1. Line Riders 2. Dancing Bee Lauren Griffith, Elaine Harness, Hannah Posas, Katie Ritzenthaler, Kelsey Sayre, and Allison Schoenbeck, flutes

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