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High School Studio Recital

Goodman Flute Studios presents our annual High School Recital on Thursday, January 19th, 2017 at 7:00 pm in the PHSN Performing Arts Center. Please join us for this free evening of talented students performing flute and piccolo solos!

Pavane G. Fauré

Hannah Ayer, Ali Ebbrecht, and Kelsey Sayre, flutes

Scherzino J. Andersen

Elaine Harness, flute

Offertoire J. Donjon

Hannah Posas, flute

“Minuet and Dance of the Blessed Spirits” from Orpheus C.W. Gluck

Allison Schoenbeck, flute

Morceau de Concours G. Fauré

Katie Ritzenthaler, flute

“Aria” and “Chanson” from Suite Antique J. Rutter

Ali Ebbrecht, flute

“Polonaise” and “Badinerie” from Orchestral Suite No. 2 in b minor J.S. Bach

Kelsey Sayre, flute

La Piccolette P. Dubois

Elaine Harness, piccolo

“Larghetto” and “Allegro” from Sonata in F Major G.F. Handel

Hannah Posas, piccolo

Linda Partridge, piano

Danza Mexicana No. 2 J. Datshkovsky

Taryn Barnes, Lauren Griffith, Elaine Harness, Hannah Posas,

Katie Ritzenthaler, Allison Schoenbeck, and Jocelyn Treneff

Lindsey Goodman, conductor


“Allegretto grazioso” from Sonatina E. Burton

Taryn Barnes, flute

“Air a L’Italien" and “Rejouissance” from Suite in A Minor G.Ph. Telemann

Lauren Griffith, flute

“Allegretto malincolico” from Sonata F. Poulenc

Jocelyn Treneff, flute

“Allegro moderato” form Concerto in D Major L. Boccherini

Hannah Ayer, flute

“Rondo: Tempo di Minuetto” from Concerto in G Major W.A. Mozart

Taryn Barnes, flute

Dance of Elizabeth C. Hurrell

Lauren Griffith, piccolo

L’Oiseau du Bois C. LaThiere

Jocelyn Treneff, piccolo

“Vivace” and “Largo” from Sonata in F Major G.Ph. Telemann

Hannah Ayer, piccolo

La Tourterelle E. Damare

Taryn Barnes, piccolo

Kathy Vansant, piano

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