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Virtual Studio Recital 2021

Goodman Flute Studios presents our annual studio recital on Wednesday, March 10 at 7:00 PM ET via Google Meet! Ten hard-working flutists grades 4 through 11 from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia will perform thirteen flute and piccolo solos by J.S. Bach, Poulenc, Honegger, Vivaldi, Handel, Donjon, Haydn, Gossec, LeClair, Koepke, and Peterson with pre-recorded piano or flute accompaniments by Kathryn Vansant, Lauren Spavelko, or Lindsey Goodman.

Studio families, please use this studio blog post to share recital information with family and friends who would like to cheer on your flutist at our recital! To watch, you need a Google-compatible email address and a device running a Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browser. The Google Meet link will be emailed to studio families, and may then be shared with all interested friends and family.


~ Act I ~

Honegger Danse de la Chevre

Maisie Barley, flute

Vivaldi “Allegro” and “Cantabile” from Concerto in D Major

Alyssa Gray, flute

Haydn Serenade

Natalia Medici, flute

Kathy Vansant, piano

Peterson Duet in F Major

Eliza Cahill, flute

Lindsey Goodman, flute

Gossec Gavotte

Catherine Evans, flute

Handel “Siciliana” and “Giga” from Sonata in F Major

Alyssa Gray, piccolo

Poulenc “Allegro Malinconico” from Sonata

Sanai Arthur, flute

Kathy Vansant, piano

~ 10-Minute Intermission ~

~ Act II ~

J. S. Bach “Badinerie” from Orchestral Suite No. 2 in b minor

Meara Rice, flute

Lauren Spavelko, piano

Koepke Meadowlark

Sanai Arthur, piccolo

Handel “Siciliana” and “Giga” from Sonata in F Major

Bethany Simpson, flute

Donjon Pan! Pastorale

Erin Piekenbrock, flute

J. S. Bach Menuet

Harry Hadden, flute

LeClair Gigue

Maisie Barley, piccolo

Kathy Vansant, piano

Bravi Tutti!



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